Onsite Work

Who's that at the door?  It's a Microsoft-Certified Systems Engineer, who is here to put your computer & your network in order.  We make order out of chaos.  We update, upgrade, and repair your computer.

If the PC isn't worth upgrading, we help you select a powerful, modern computer.  We'll transfer your data, and simplify your network.  Once the initial visit is finished, we'll continue to support that machine with daily, automated monitoring to keep it healthy.  And we'll continue support with our Remote Support Plan, so that you will always have a solid, reliable computing experience.



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Daily Monitoring

Our daily health check does many things for you.  It reports the health of your computer, from hard drive health, to fan speed, to memory usage, directly to us.

This allows us to spot little problems before they get worse. We've caught failing hard drives, before they failed totally, allowing us to clone the drive and save the day!

We also manage two essential services you must have:  Security & Backup.  We've seen what happens when people use "free antivirus" and then have a real piece of harmful software take over take over their computer.  Not pretty.

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Remote Support Plan

Our Remote Support Plan is the primary tool for helping our clients.

When you have a problem or question, just call and have us remote in to your computer.  We see what you see, so you don't have to describe the issue.

We fix the issue remotely, while you watch.  No waiting for an appointment, no extra fee.

And, since you're on the Plan, there's no charge!  Is that better than the way you're doing it now?  Yep, we thought so!

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Your Productivity is Our Focus...

Look, the fastest computer in the world won't help you if you don't use it.  We know that.  We work, every single day, with people who want to do more with their computer.  We work with writers who have lots to say.  We work with attorneys who have a lot of documents to file.  We work with doctors who have lots of patients, and not enough patience.  Okay, we couldn't resist that one.

But it's true:  your computer is just a tool for you to get the job done.  We so know that!  You've got lots to do, right  now.  And you shouldn't have to shift your focus from working on your task, to working on fixing or adjusting your computer.  We've been saying this for twenty years:  all of this stuff is just boxes and wires.  It's what you can DO with it that really counts.

Why us?  Because we know and love our job, the way you love yours!

So give us a call, and get the conversation started today.

Your Next Step: Get Your Questions Answered

If you are intrigued with SugarDog's simplified approach to reliable computing, or just want to see what we could do for you, then call the owner of SugarDog Computer Services directly.  You'll speak to a Microsoft Certified, experienced technician and network administrator.  Let's talk about your situation in detail, start your conversation today!

Jeff Jenkins, MCSE   561-302-9062