Meet the SugarDog Team

It takes all of us to make SugarDog!


Jeff Jenkins

Founder & CEO

Jeff has been building computers since 1987.  In his spare time, Jeff enjoys travel with his wonderful wife Kelley. Their favorite destination? Walt Disney World, of course.

kelley cropped

Kelley Jenkins

Vice President

A South Dakota native, Kelley handles strategic planning & finance for SugarDog.  She basically invented our Remote Support Plan.  Her hobbies include anything & everything Disney-Related.

bailey cropped

Bailey the SugarDog

Company Mascot

Bailey handles security for the Okeechobee branch.  Her hobbies include squirrel patrol & sleeping past noon.  Our lightest employee at only 48 lbs.

The Story of SugarDog

Hi, my name is Jeff Jenkins, and I'm the founder of SugarDog.  I discovered the power of the personal computer back in 1986, when I was in graduate school in Pensacola, Florida.  Right from the start, I saw what you could do with a $2000 personal computer:  you could write a term paper, save it, and pull it up again to make changes.  Without typing it all over again!  No bottle of white-out!  You could cut and paste and copy.  You could save everything you had written over months on a single 360K floppy disk.

A couple of years later, I moved to Ft. Lauderdale and worked in an AT&T call center during the day.  At night, I discovered the world of dial-up computer services.  You could participate in online forums, send messages by echoes, and war-dial for unknown computer systems.  With my trusty 2400 baud modem, my 40 MB hard drive, my VGA monitor, and my 640K computer, I could do it all.

A few years after that, I found myself as the Network Administrator for Lens Express in Deerfield Beach, Florida. With no formal computer training, I learned on the job.  I supported a fifty-user Novel Network of PC's running Windows 3.11, and 200 users running IBM terminals running on a Data General Mainframe.  The whole system had less RAM than a modern smartphone.  Following that, I worked for several dot-com startups, all of which  failed spectacularly.

And then one day, I decided to go out on my own.  I knocked on a couple of doors, found my first client in 1998.  And I was hooked on working for myself.  In 2001, I got my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credentials by passing 7 two-hour tests.  The process of getting that credential expanded my understanding of what a computer network is, and WHY it works the way it does.

I ran my computer service for the next twelve years out of my condo in Boca Raton.  Focused on the technical side of things, I cheerfully avoided the business image.  Shorts, t-shirt, screwdriver in hand.  No business logo, no business cards; my clients were lucky to see me in long pants or a collared shirt.  But all that was shortly to change...

In 2012 I met Kelley, got married, and moved to Okeechobee.  I continued to service my Boca/Delray/Boynton clients, but it was a long commute.  The solution was simple.  We opened an office in East Boca.  Now clients can pickup and drop off PC's as needed five days a week, even if I'm onsite somewhere else.

We finally have all the components to give you the computer service you need from a single point of contact:

  • Pickup/Dropoff  in East Boca during business hours
  • Remote Support (installed on your PC on 1st visit)
  • Onsite Service from Broward to Palm Beach to Okeechobee
  • Managed Security that's always Monitored
  • Cloud Backup for Disaster Prevention
  • Unlimited Remote Support Plan, a low annual fee
  • Real Continuity of Care for your Computer

Let's get the conversation started...

Now it's time to tell us what YOU need.  If your computer, your network, is not meeting your needs, let's talk.  Have a cup of coffee with Jeff at the Boca office this week, and see what needs to be done!