SugarDog's most common questions...

Which brand of  Computer should I buy?

That's easy: forget the BRAND .  Focus on the specifications.  You'll need at least 8 GB of RAM, 16 is better.  Get an i7 processor, but an i5 will do.  Don't even consider a Pentium, Celeron, or i3 processor, found only in the cheapest computers.  You're going to spend a lot of time on your computer, so get a good one.  A good, new computer will last at least five years, maybe longer with some upgrading.  Let's be blunt!  Many people buy a computer based on a price point, like $400 or $500.  They find out later they should have bought a more powerful machine.  Don't be that person, please!

I hate Windows 10!  Can you help me?

Yes! We install software to make your Windows 10 computer as simple and friendly as your old Windows 7 or Windows XP PC.  Call us!

Do you sell computers?  Do you have used computers for sale?

No.  We BUILD CUSTOM COMPUTERS for select clients.  These are high end, high-performance machines that average $1500 or more.   Together we select premium components, you purchase the components, and we charge a fee to assemble the box and load Windows.  If you spend most of the working day on the computer and phone, this is really the computer for you.

These premium computers often last ten years or longer.  They are also highly upgrade-able.  Most people don't need or want to spend that much.

SugarDog is always glad to help you find the right computer for you.   We do know some places to look online, call us.  A big box store like Best Buy is pretty much the worst place to select a new computer!  We often see "new" computers at Best Buy built from processors and RAM manufactured five to seven years ago.  It's sad, and it's sneaky.

When your new PC arrives, we'll transfer your data & setup the new computer.  We responsibly recycle your old PC  by wiping it clean and donating it.  It becomes a gift to someone who really needs it.